NorQuest Weekly Roundup January 3

Time For Action2 NorQuest Weekly Roundup January 3Is one of your resolutions to focus on developing your leadership skills? Here are some excellent articles and posts from the past week to help you become a better leader and manager.

Entreprenuer: Richard Branson on Giving Your Employees Freedom
A terrific article written by Sir Richard Branson on the positive impact of having confidence in and trusting your employees.

U.S. News and World Report: 5 Leadership Trends to Watch in 2013
Andrew Graham, president and CEO of The Forum Corporation, a Boston-based learning organization, has some interesting predictions of leadership trends in 2013. 2 Joyful New Year’s Resolutions
We loved this article about end-of-the-year commitments and happiness, and thought it was an excellent read for all leaders.

Forbes: Reputation Trumps All — Define Your Brand and Live It in the New Year, and Beyond
Take some time right now to strategically define who you want to be, and what you want to be known as, and then to live that definition in every interaction. If you do it right, then others will recognize your efforts, and you will earn the reputation you wish to have, as a reputation  sticks with you, morphs and grows – unless you muck it up – for your lifetime.

Fast Company: 30 Second MBA: Priorize Your To-Do List
Justin Moore, CEO of Axcient, recommends limiting your list to a ranked top 5 every day–and not leaving until they’re done.

If you missed our blog post Monday, you can read it here: Time for You

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