Unleashing the Power

Unleash Your Power Unleashing the PowerMy wife and I were recently in England at the time the Paralympics were being held. The athletes were people with obvious physical impairments, but who chose to exercise other gifts they had been given, and achieve world recognition. It was really inspiring to see a girl with no arms win the 100 metre backstroke in world record time; or a girl suffering from a form of dwarfism win two gold medals, a silver medal and a bronze medal. These people all had decided to focus on the gifts they had been given – rather than succumb to their obvious handicaps.

There are other examples of leadership in action from the non-athletic field. Dr. Stephen Hawking is probably one of the best known examples.He is a man who cannot speak except with the aid of a mechanical device, can’t get out of his wheel chair, except with the aid of a helper, yet is one of the most respected scientists of our time. Against incredible odds this man is fulfilling his destiny, and is just one example of many who are proving that the power is within you, when you choose to exercise the gifts that have been given to you.One of his many quotes is, “I notice that even people who claim that everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”

We have all been given gifts, and our gifts are all different. But we have also been given the power to choose. J. Martin Kohe in his book entitled Your Greatest Power, maintains that the greatest power a person possesses is the power to choose – a power that you either use or misuse hundreds of times each day. We see countless examples of this every day – from the person who darts across a highway against a red light, to the young person collecting popcorn at the door to help finance the work of the Boy Scouts.

Nick V Unleashing the PowerOne of my favourites is the story of Nick Vujicic, a person born without arms or legs, who at one point begged his parents to end his life; but who now chooses to travel the world encouraging others to use their talents to the fullest. In onesession, Nick was delivering his message to a group of children – playing the drums and generally inspiring them. His main message was that you must never give up. To demonstrate his point he fell to the floor, and challenged them with the fact that without arms or legs, how could he get up? But he does! With the message that no matter how many times you fail, never, ever, give up! Nick has the ability to motivate and inspire – and he does that very well.

This is what each of us must do. To unleash the power of the gifts we have been given, we must first of all assess our gifts and choose a vision of where we want to go – where do we see ourselves in 5 – 10 years. Then we must develop a plan, and align our activities to that plan, then put the plan into operation.

Gold medal winner Unleashing the PowerSometimes we need help. We recognize that something must change, but we do not know what to change or how to do it. Sometimes we can see the necessity for change, and just do it; sometimes it is forced on us unexpectedly; and sometimes we resist. Regardless, the power is within us, and our ability, or willingness, to use it is critical to whether we just survive, or thrive! These can be challenging choices, but we need to make them and move on. As one writer has said, “We can often stare so long at the door which has closed; that we miss a new one that has opened.”

We must recognize the power of our gifts. When we do, we can build the road to success and stay on it – unleashing the power of our own ability!.

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Enjoy unleashing your power on your road to success!

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