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Time Mastery 2013 Time For YouToday is the last day of 2012; and tomorrow we will begin 2013! And the first thing I want to do is to wish you and yours the very best for 2013!

In this coming year you will have 8,760 hours to spend whatever way you choose. Of that 8760, approximately a third (or 2920 hours) will be spent sleeping. But the balance is yours to do with what you wish. How do you want to spend those approximately 3000 hours?

You have to decide on what is important to you – and what is not! You must establish your priorities – what is really important to you, and what is less important. It is your choice! What is your vision for 2013, and what do your hope to accomplish?

Guiding you in your choices are three principles:

  1. The first is the “Principle of Responsibility”:  You do what you want to do! This is true of every task you undertake. Sometimes you say you were forced into it, or that you had to do it.But in reality, whatever you do, you do by choice. Only you have the power to choose for yourself. And when all is said and done, you also have to accept the responsibility for your actions!
  2. The second principle is the well-known “Pareto Principle”. This says that for most events 80% of your results will come from just 20% of your efforts. Obviously, then, we should concentrate on the 20% of the things that will yield the 80% of our results.
  3. The third is the “Principle of Insanity” – credited to Albert Einstein. This principle involves doing the same things over and over, and expecting different results.

And you must take“Action” – the activities that will propel you on your way to success. These are the three “C’s” that will determine the effectiveness of your action:

  1. Create a blueprint for proceeding and keeping on track;
  2. Communicate effectively – both written and verbal; and
  3. Control your interruptions

These three “C’s” constitute your system for organizing your life. The type of system you use is up to you – as long as you have a system.

TimeMasteryProfileEPIC Time For YouTo help you in optimizing your time, an effective instrument is the Time Mastery Profile. The Time Mastery Profile helps people evaluate their time-management effectiveness in 12 critical areas:

Attitudes, Goals, Priorities, Analyzing, Planning, Scheduling, Interruptions, Meetings, Written Communications, Delegation, Procrastination, Team Time.

This Profile provides practical tips for improving time-management skills in those areas that need work. The Time Mastery Profile also provides a detailed framework for personal action planning under each of the 12 categories.

2013Calendar Time For YouThe key to your success is to give your plan your undivided attention each day. In addition, you can ask for help. Get a coach or an accountability partner -someone you can trust to keep you accountable, and on track. You can do it, if you can see it in your mind, believe it in your heart, and act daily on it.

Then on New Year’s Eve 2013, celebrate your success! And begin again in January 2014.

For further information on the Time Mastery Profile – Click Here.

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