Your Time – Your Choice

The year 2012 is almost two thirds gone! How are you coming with your yearly plan? Have you accomplished the goals you established last January, or are you running a little behind?

Master Time Your Time – Your Choice	Most people want more time, but everyone already has been given all the time there is! So we have to make choices. We have to decide on what is important to us, and what is not. We are not going to get any more time, so we must establish our priorities – those things that are really important to us and those that are less important. It is our choice, but the responsibility for choosing is also ours!

Guiding us in our choices are three principles:

  1. The first is the “Principle of Responsibility”:  You do what you want to do! This is true of every task you undertake. Sometimes you say you were forced into it, or that you had to do it, but in reality, whatever you do, you do by choice. Only you have the power to choose for yourself. And when all is said and done, you also have to accept the responsibility for your actions!
  2. The second principle is the well-known “Pareto Principle”. This says that for most events 80% of your results will come from just 20% of your efforts. It is therefore in our best interests to concentrate on the 20% of the factors that will yield 80% of our results.
  3. The third is the “Principle of Insanity” – credited to Albert Einstein. This principle is simply doing the same things over and over, and expecting different results.

Time Mastery1 Your Time – Your Choice	But while our time is finite, our imaginations, and our choices, are infinite. Our actions willcome from 3 sources:

  • We choose: we are in control and our actions are based on forethought.
  • We choose not to choose: we procrastinate.
  • We choose to do what we have always done: the power of habit!

In making your choices there are some things you want to consider – some benefits that result from making reasoned choices. These include:

  • Reducing your wasted time by just five minutes per hour will increase your productivity by 8.3%
  • You will meet your deadlines easily
  • You will regain control and balance in your life; and
  • You can achieve the lifestyle of your choice.

And then there is “action” – the activities that will propel you on your way to success. These are the three “C’s” that determine the effectiveness of your action:

  1. Create a blueprint for proceeding and keeping on track;
  2. Communicate effectively – both written and verbal; and
  3. Control your interruptions

Time For Action2 Your Time – Your Choice	These three “C’s” constitute your system for organizing your life. The type of system you use is up to you – as long as you have a system. Just remember that old adage, “a ship with no destination will find all winds favorable.”

The key to your success is to give this plan your undivided attention each day. In addition ask for help – get a mentor, a coach or an accountability partner. You can do it – if you can see it, believe it, and act on it.

Then on New Year’s Eve celebrate your success! And begin again in January.

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