Unleashing the Power

Unleash Your Power Unleashing the PowerMy wife and I were recently in England at the time the Paralympics were being held. The athletes were people with obvious physical impairments, but who chose to exercise other gifts they had been given, and achieve world recognition. It was really inspiring to see a girl with no arms win the 100 metre backstroke in world record time; or a girl suffering from a form of dwarfism win two gold medals, a silver medal and a bronze medal. These people all had decided to focus on the gifts they had been given – rather than succumb to their obvious handicaps.

There are other examples of leadership in action from the non-athletic field. Dr. Stephen Hawking is probably one of the best known examples.He is a man who cannot speak except with the aid of a mechanical device, can’t get out of his wheel chair, except with the aid of a helper, yet is one of the most respected scientists of our time. Against incredible odds this man is fulfilling his destiny, and is just one example of many who are proving that the power is within you, when you choose to exercise the gifts that have been given to you.One of his many quotes is, “I notice that even people who claim that everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”
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The Online Campus – An Answer for Modern Business Training

Online Learning The Online Campus – An Answer for Modern Business TrainingThe ever increasing rate of change in business and technology means that all of us need to embrace the challenge of life-long learning. Organizations need fresh ideasto ensure their very survival. They need support in communicating with each other and with their customers and the marketplace. They need insight in resolving issues with colleagues; and they need team members that know how to cooperate, innovate, and get results in less time-often with reduced budgets

To accomplish these goals, organizations and teams within these organizations, need to put greater emphasis on skill development, and the upgrading of worker talents. In other words they need access to effective training that can be delivered when it is needed, and at the least expensive cost.

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