NorQuest Round-up September 6

dreamstimefree 2687133 225x300 NorQuest Round up September 6Here our are five favorite leadership and talent development articles from the past week: A Simple Way to Get Any Point Across
We loved this article on how to best communicate your message to followers. It was to the point – and a must-read for anyone in a position of authority.

Lead From Within: First Seeing The Good
This was a really good article about how leaders need to see the good in the people they lead, and the effect of their word on followers.
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NorQuest Weekly Round-Up August 29

dreamstimefree 113790 300x208 NorQuest Weekly Round Up August 29LeadershipNow: The I in Team
A really astute article about what a winning team is made of – and is full of information that might surprise you. Why Some Companies Lose Their Best People – And Others Don’t
Some great tips about to making your top talent feel appreciated, so they don’t jump ship.

Fast Company: Is Perfectionism Holding You Back?
A really interesting essay on perfectionism – and what actually could be accomplished by just letting go and acting with fear. Read the comments too, some are very insightful!
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NorQuest Weekly Round-up August 23

dreamstimefree 82618 300x225 NorQuest Weekly Round up August 23HBR Blog: Smart Leaders Get More Out of the Employees They Have
Smart executives understand that the cheapest way to fuel growth is to first tap deeply into the resources they already have. This article promotes stretching and engaging your existing talent to not only save money, but engage your workforce to the fullest.

HBR Blog: Three Leadership Traits that Never Go Out of Style
Harvard Business Review’s Blog is on fire this week! Here’s another terrific article about the key components of leaders – trust, empathy and mentorship. How To Be A Better Leader In Just 5 Days
A solid article with a realistic plan to strengthening relationships in order to lead more effectively.
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