NorQuest Weekly Round-up April 19

dreamstimefree 158789 300x199 NorQuest Weekly Round up April 19Enjoy our weekly round-up of the best leadership articles published this week!

HBR Blog: Embracing What’s Wrong to Get to What’s Right
A terrific article written by Tony Schwartz, president and CEO of The Energy Project and the author of Be Excellent at Anything, sharing his thoughts about emotions and work, and a recent stressful situation turned into a positive validation for his team.

HBR Magazine: Why Bossy Is Better for Rookie Managers
Studies have shown a collaborative management style is usually best, with one notable exception – new leaders. Often viewed as having low status—because of their age, education, experience, or other factors—they get better ratings and results from their teams when they take charge, set the course, and tell subordinates what to do.
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NorQuest Weekly Round-up 3/30

bills blog 3 30 228x300 NorQuest Weekly Round up 3/30Our weekly round-up of the best articles and blogs for leaders.

Forbes: 6 Keys to Becoming a Trusted Leader

Forbes writer Henry Browing outlines specific steps you can take to earn a personal reputation for being a trusted, accountable leader.

Forbes: Are You Using the Most Powerful Leadership Skill? 

What is the best asset a leader can? Listening intently is the top skill, according to this author.

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NorQuest Weekly Round-up 3/23

bills blog 3 22 300x198 NorQuest Weekly Round up 3/23

Here’s our weekly round-up of articles that we thought might be of interest you. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our post from Monday, “5 Steps to Hiring Winning Talent.”

Leadership Now:  The Four Disciplines of Organizational Health

Michael McKinney reviews what actually makes an organization function well. He cites Patrick Lencioni’s book,  The Advantage, and lays out four disciplines  – Build a Cohesive Leadership Team, Create Clarity, Over-communicate Clarity, and Reinforce Clarity.

Leadership Freak: First Pursuits Take You Farthest

Dan Rockwell delivers another insightful article on what it means to be a leader, the character traits one absolutely must nurture in order to grow as a person and be a fit leader of others.

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Articles by Norquest

Everything DiSC Sales Map Articles by NorquestEverything DiSC Series of Articles

Below are links to a series of articles here on the blog about the Everything DiSC products

5 Steps for Hiring Winning Talent

In these ever changing and competitive times, the need to hire the right talent the first time must be a high organizational priority. Organizations who can hire right the first time to fill the available positions have a competitive edge.
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Team Leadership: Developing and Coaching Others

BusinessTeam Articles by NorquestIt is generally agreed that one of the key roles of a team leader is to improve the effectiveness of each member of his team through development and coaching.

Coaching on the Job – For Peak Productivity

On-the-job training is now such a common way of training workers that the practice may seem straightforward and almost simple. But doing it effectively requires more thought and preparation than simply having someone follow an experienced worker around and watch what they are doing.

Motivating Team Members

The goal is set, the tasks defined, everyone knows what to do – now what? How do you get the team members to start, and to keep working enthusiastically, until the goal is attained?
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Do You Have an Elevator Speech?

When asked that question, you have about 30 seconds to establish a connection with the person asking. That is why it is often called “Your Elevator Speech” or “Your Meeting Statement”.
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DiSC® PPSS (Personal Profile Systems Software)

One of my favorites of all the DiSC® reports is the DiSC® PPSS Online Report, because it provides individuals with detailed personalized information to help them apply DiSC® learning in a variety of personal and business situations.
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Time Mastery Or Time Management? It’s Your Choice!

by William C Blake

bigstockphoto Business Team 4077379 300x225 Articles by NorquestTime is a limited commodity – just 24 hours each day, and we can’t put any aside for future use! So, daily we have pressing issues to deal with and a multitude of demands on our time. These demands are important, and so we have to pay attention to them, and we try to accommodate them all. Often it seems like we are trying to juggle a bunch of time balls in the air.

This is the problem – to satisfy all these often conflicting demands while continuing to focus on our dreams and aspirations.

With Time Management we try to use a multitude of different devices to resolve our daily dilemma of too much to do, and not enough time to do it in.

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5 Key Roles in Successful Team Development

by William C Blake

bigstock Team Pulling Up An Arrow 4248588 300x300 Articles by NorquestIn today’s team based approach to the work environment, organizational success depends, more than ever before, on people working together effectively. This requires a clear understanding, by the individual, of his/her personal strengths, a real appreciation of the difference in others, and how their strengths interact with those of others. This knowledge is the foundation for successful team development.

Each member of a team has his/her individual characteristics and behaviorial preferences. The success of the team will depend to a large extent on how well they interrelate and capitalize on the strengths of each individual.

All of us have heard of the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you”. Today, Dr. Tony Alessandra, in his Platinum rule, disputes that.

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Am I Too Old?

Recently I heard a minister speaking about his reaction to his retirement. He questioned himself “Am I really retired?” He then asked, “At this time of life- am I too old?”

Do you find yourself saying “I am too old?” Is age your excuse for not doing things?

Edward Smith, motivational speaker, and author wrote,

“Don’t use “I am too old” for an excuse. People that were “too old” have accomplished many of the greatest achievements in the world. If you say you are “too old”, you are giving up growing and living, and it is just one more excuse for not doing something. Usually being at the point where you are “too old” means you have an incredible base of knowledge and experience and at the very least you have discovered the many ways NOT to do something. It would be a real waste not to use this for you and share it with others. You are never “too old” to be your best.”

Look at:

  • Frank Stronach, the 78 year old Austrian -Canadian businessman. As the founder of Magna International in Aurora, Ontario, and Magna Entertainment Corp., he is still receiving many accolades for his contributions to technological education, technical skills training and entrepreneurship.
  • Betty White, the 88 year old American actress, comedian and former game show host, was recently a guest host for TV’s Saturday Night Live. Now, 6,000 fans on Facebook have put forward the idea of her being the next host for the Academy Awards.
  • Bob Crossley, author, painter, and a 93 year old friend of mine, still skis each year in Switzerland because he believes he is able, physically, mentally and emotionally.  His style and technique might not be as great as in earlier years, but this does not stop him.

It is a fact that as the body ages, there are certain changes to deal with, mostly physical. One cannot predict what will happen. It could be a knee, back, or leg problem, that prevents one from getting around as quickly as usual. A hearing deficit can affect one’s general well being. Television and audio bigstockphoto Happy Active Seniors 615158 200x300 Am I Too Old?volumes needs to be increased, and communication becomes more difficult. Cancer can strike requiring surgery, chemo or radiation or Dementia can creep up on people. So much time is taken away from lives.

Isn’t it at this point of personal demise that one would say “I’m too old.”

 But wait – why am I dwelling on the negatives.  

 A way can be found to deal with all of the above, and the challenges ahead can be met with a positive approach. We all know people like Frank, Betty and Bob – who are determined and committed to make things happen, whether it is in business, on TV, or in sports. They do not let their age, stage, or circumstances prevent them from achieving personal goals. Their enthusiasm and commitment are contagious and motivating for others.   

Again, one asks: “At what age is too old?

At what stage is too old?” Am I too old?

The answers lie within each one of us.

As Kerry, my daughter says  “Your age is only an indicator of how much wisdom you have to share with others.”

And Abraham Lincoln probably said it best;

And in the end, it is not the years in your life that count. It is the life in your years.”