NorQuest Round-up September 6

dreamstimefree 2687133 225x300 NorQuest Round up September 6Here our are five favorite leadership and talent development articles from the past week: A Simple Way to Get Any Point Across
We loved this article on how to best communicate your message to followers. It was to the point – and a must-read for anyone in a position of authority.

Lead From Within: First Seeing The Good
This was a really good article about how leaders need to see the good in the people they lead, and the effect of their word on followers.
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Procrastination – There Is Always Tomorrow

If you were asked to choose one word to describe disorganization, not getting the work done, lack of achievement, or lack of self-fulfillment – that word would have to be “Procrastination”!

Procrastination Procrastination – There Is Always TomorrowThe problem is that we put things off, and they never get done. Or when we finally get around to doing them, we are under so much pressure, that quality simply flies out the window! I believe that all of us procrastinate occasionally. For example, when we decide to check our emails, rather than do that report that is due tomorrow; or when we avoid playing with our children, or making time for our wives or husbands, because of something we perceive to be more urgent?

Procrastination is part of human nature! But when it becomes a habit,or a consistent pattern in the way we act, it can have disastrous consequences. Tasks take on urgency they do not merit and you spend more time – not less – on them; rather than the higher priority tasks that will take the most thought, concentration and energy, and pay the biggest dividends.

Probably the main reason for procrastination is fear of failure. We want to succeed and we are afraid that we won’t do the task right – so we simply postpone it, leading to a rushed job, and increased risk of reduced quality because of time pressures.
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5 Steps to Hiring Winning Talent

BusinessTeam 5 Steps to Hiring Winning Talent Are your supervisors consistently hiring the best candidates -people who are self-starters, and then, stay around for the long haul and become really productive? If not, why not?

In these ever changing and competitive times, the need to hire the right talent the first time must be a high organizational priority. Organizations who can hire right the first time to fill the available positions have a competitive edge. When qualified employees are matched with the right jobs, then production rises; and this is bound to affect the bottom line.

Hiring the wrong person has many and varied negative effects on a team and on an organization. But why do they occur? In my experience, it is probably due to one or more of the following reasons.

  • The interviewing team do not have a clear and agreed upon consensus on the criteria for success in the job for which they are hiring.
  • The people interviewing do not know how to conduct an effective and legal interview that will uncover the information needed to make a well informed selection
  • The interviewing team does not have the most effective members to interview and select the best person
  • The candidates are not provided an appropriate opportunity to understand what the job and work environment is like.
  • There are often behavioral considerations that need to be taken into consideration for success on the job. These are often not considered in the interview process.

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5 Keys to Building Strong Relationships: Leaders Connecting with People

Human beings, of necessity, depend on one another. As John Donne said some 400 years ago, “No man is an island.”

But we all know that when groups of people gather together, there is often dissension. Even in couples or small groups, simply getting along is often a problem. And that is the problem that we must address if we wish to be effective in relating positively to one another. Because we also know that cooperation leads to greater productivity, while dissension often gives the opposite result!

people sm 5 Keys to Building Strong Relationships: Leaders Connecting with PeopleBut people are different!  And that’s what it is all about: trying to understand and respond to the needs of the people we are trying to build a relationship with.

Most of us grew up with the Golden Rule; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” A great message, but taken literally, it simply does not work! How I would like to be treated is not necessarily the way you would like to be treated! We are all different – with different patterns of behavior and different perceptions of what appeals to us, and how we want to be treated. [Read more…]