NorQuest Weekly Round-up August 2

dreamstimefree 238735 200x300 NorQuest Weekly Round up August 2What are our favorite articles this week about leadership and talent management? We’ve listed them here for you!

Fast Company: 30 Second MBA
Craig Donato, Founder And CEO, Oodle, addresses the question of “What do you do about the rogue, the bully, the diva on a team?” in this short video clip.

HBR Blog: Let’s Bring Back Accountability
An interesting article that defines what accountability actually means, and methods leaders and teams can apply it to meet goals and satisfy clients.
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NorQuest Weekly Round-up July 12

dreamstimefree 186042 300x200 NorQuest Weekly Round up July 12Here are our some of our favorite articles about leadership and talent management from the past week: 10 Habits of Remarkably Charismatic People
Charisma isn’t always about being flashy and drawing attention, it’s about paying attention. Here, the 10 habits of remarkably charismatic people are listed, attributes even the shiest among us can develop.

HBR Blog: CEOs Need to Get Serious About Sales
This article argues for leader to put sales management at the heart of their agenda, versus focusing their energy on driving performance improvement across many parts of the organization.
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NorQuest Weekly Round-up May 31

dreamstimefree 18711444 300x195 NorQuest Weekly Round up May 31We read so many leadership posts each week, below are our favorites:

Fast Company: 6 Leadership Styles, And When You Should Use Them
A superbly-written article on the subject of kinetic leadership referencing Daniel Goleman’s Leadership That Gets Results, a landmark 2000 Harvard Business Review study. Here, their research is reviewed, including specific leadership behaviors and their effect on the corporate climate and each leadership style’s effect on bottom-line profitability.

HBR Blog: How Great Leaders Make Their Own Luck
An interesting video post featuring Morten Hansen, management professor at UC Berkeley, describing the traits leaders need to help their organizations thrive in times of chaos and uncertainty.
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Getting Your Dream Job: The Three Keys

Last week we talked about Hiring Winning Talent. This week I would like to focus on the object of that exercise – the applicant!

Find a Job Getting Your Dream Job: The Three Keys Any organization wants to hire the person with the best skills, knowledge and personality, that will mesh with their goals and objectives. The applicant, on the other hand, wants an organization in which he/she can develop their skills and knowledge and reach his/her peak potential. They want to succeed, and they are looking for a position that will help them realize their potential.

In planning your approach to any job search, there are three key areas, to consider:

  • The research: This is yourpreparation. What do you have to offer the organization, and what can the organization offer you in terms of your life’s goals.
  • The interview: presenting yourself in the most favorable light.
  • The post interview: following up on the interview.

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NorQuest Weekly Round-up April 6

bills blog 4 6 300x201 NorQuest Weekly Round up April 6Here’s what we’ve selected as the best articles and blogs for the week of April 6:

Fast Company: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Employees
Authors Adrien Gostick and Chester Elton argue that only when an employee is a balance of being fully engaged, enabled, or energized  are they able to fully succeed at work.

Leadership Now: A Leader’s Most Dangerous Thought
Michael McKinney delivers an insightful post about the true meaning of leadership – service – and how “I deserve” thinking when in a position of power diminishs the ability to lead effectively.
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NorQuest Weekly Round-up 3/30

bills blog 3 30 228x300 NorQuest Weekly Round up 3/30Our weekly round-up of the best articles and blogs for leaders.

Forbes: 6 Keys to Becoming a Trusted Leader

Forbes writer Henry Browing outlines specific steps you can take to earn a personal reputation for being a trusted, accountable leader.

Forbes: Are You Using the Most Powerful Leadership Skill? 

What is the best asset a leader can? Listening intently is the top skill, according to this author.

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NorQuest Weekly Round-up 3/23

bills blog 3 22 300x198 NorQuest Weekly Round up 3/23

Here’s our weekly round-up of articles that we thought might be of interest you. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our post from Monday, “5 Steps to Hiring Winning Talent.”

Leadership Now:  The Four Disciplines of Organizational Health

Michael McKinney reviews what actually makes an organization function well. He cites Patrick Lencioni’s book,  The Advantage, and lays out four disciplines  – Build a Cohesive Leadership Team, Create Clarity, Over-communicate Clarity, and Reinforce Clarity.

Leadership Freak: First Pursuits Take You Farthest

Dan Rockwell delivers another insightful article on what it means to be a leader, the character traits one absolutely must nurture in order to grow as a person and be a fit leader of others.

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