Setting and Achieving Your 2013 Goals

Are you having problems coming up with good and substantive goals for 2013? Are you confused by all the options that appear to be available to you? Are you tired of hearing the admonition – “We have all been given gifts, you should resolve to develop yours.”

Yes, we have all been given gifts, but they are all different! And how do you even identify them, yet alone develop them? Well, one of the best tools for this purpose was developed by Albert Humphrey in the latter half of the 20th century. It is called the “SWOT Model”, and is worthwhile reviewing as you ponder your vision for the New Year.

Most people will agree that one of the best formulas for success is to:Steps to Success copy crpd Setting and Achieving Your 2013 Goals

  • Develop a vision that will clarify what you want, and where you wish to go;
  • Then develop a plan that will focus your attention on how you will get there;
  • Then put your plan in action – that will lead to the achievement of your vision.

The “SWOT Analysis” is an analysis and planning tool, which can be used to evaluate all the factors that will affect the achievement of a project, business venture or personal vision. It includes the following components:
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  • Strengths:  What gifts or strengths do you possess? What can you do better than others? What do your friends see as your strengths?
  • Opportunities: What are some of the major opportunities you see for yourself? Are there new technologies that you can use?
  • Weaknesses: What do you not do well? What characteristics, gifts or strengths can you improve on?
  • Threats: What are the problems you face? Are you keeping up with all of the new applicable technologies?

“Strengths and Opportunities” represent your foundation – the things you can use or develop, to help you reach your vision. “Weaknesses and Threats” represent the things you must overcome in your quest to reach your potential (vision).

The SWOT analysis is intended to be used as part of your plan to achieve your vision. It requires that you use it every day as you put your plan into action. Another great idea is to have a coach, or an accountability partner, who will hold you accountable for your plan and for putting it into action.

we are number one Setting and Achieving Your 2013 GoalsIn addition remember that the road to success is not a smooth pavement. It is full of many detours and challenges. These are simply obstacles to overcome – they are not roadblocks! Each obstacle you overcome should strengthen your resolve to succeed.

The SWOT analysis is a tool – something that will assist you in sorting out your gifts and your goals for 2013. To succeed in your pursuit of your vision requires insight, knowledge, determination and, and, most of all, persistence.

But the rewards make it all worthwhile!

You can also watch our video here on the SWOT Analysis.

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