The Power of Vision- the 2012 Olympics

olympic torch The Power of Vision  the 2012 OlympicsWe have all come into this world with gifts, or abilities, which we can use or not use as we see fit. Those who succeed will establish a vision, and a plan for achieving that vision, which they then will faithfully execute. The recently completed 2012 Olympics provide plenty of examples of people who have done just that -established a vision and pursued that vision relentlessly. They may not all succeed in claiming a medal, but they all will achieve success by simply being there, and competing with the world’s best.

During these Olympics there were many outstanding examples of individuals, and teams, who pursued their vision, and succeeded, whether or not a medal was achieved. They were Olympians, and their success was in competing with the world’s best. Of course each wanted to win, as a culmination to their vision of competing. But doing their best was what counted most! As someone once said, “The honor is in competing. The joy is in winning!”

In my opinion, one of the outstanding stories of the 2012 Olympiad was that of Oscar Pistorius. He is the first double leg amputee ever to compete in the Olympic Games-when he entered the 400 metre race.

His path to the games was not an easy one! Although he won gold medals at the 2008 Summer Paralympics in the 100,200, and 400 metre races, his vision was to compete with able-bodied athletes. But when he entered international competitions for the able bodied there were some who said his carbon-fibre lower limbs gave him an unfair advantage. The International Association of Athletics Federations agreed and ruled him ineligible to compete in competitions conducted under its rules. Fortunately this decision was reversed by a higher court and Oscar Pistorias was free to compete – provided he met the eligibility criteria.

PISTORIUSREUTERS 2278710b 300x187 The Power of Vision  the 2012 OlympicsPhoto: REUTERS

On July 19, 2011, with a time of 45.07 seconds for the 400 metres race, he achieved the qualification standard for the 2011 World championships, and the 2012 Summer Olympics. This enabled him to become the first double leg amputee in history to participate in the Olympic Games. In the 400 metre race, he managed to reach the semi-finals, but was almost 2 seconds slower than the winner of that heat, and the eventual winner of the 400 metre race, Kirani James. Thus, he did not qualify for the finals.

But athletes recognise drive and dedication. Kirani, after the race, walked over to Oscar and asked if he could have Oscar’s name bib to keep as a souvenir. They also shook hands and hugged. Later Kirani added “he’s a great individual and it’s time we see him like that and not anything else.” Later Oscar himself admitted that his goal had been to at least reach the semi finals.

podium winners 80 The Power of Vision  the 2012 OlympicsOscar Pistorius’ new vision is the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Don’t bet that he won’t further distinguish himself. To achieve his vision, lack of legs is not an insurmountable handicap.

So what did he do? He had a vision, he developed a plan, and with bountiful energy and dedication he is making it all come true. The realization of his vision!

Will you not do the same, starting with your vision?

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