NorQuest Weekly Round-up November 29

dreamstimefree 5644956 200x300 NorQuest Weekly Round up November 29There have been a bonanza of terrific commentaries on leadership and talent management this week. Here are our top five picks:

Fast Company: Mission Leadership: 4 Principles For Creating Corporate Commandos
An absolutely fantastic article on mission command leadership, where everyone is closely aligned to the mission, trained to make appropriate decisions, and given the trust and support from leadership to follow through. The mission dictates what is to be done, but the how is, to a greater extent, in the hands of those tasked with execution.

Inc: 7 Traits of Extraordinary Bosses
Great bosses understand what employees truly need and then provide it to them. The article spells out the seven traits that employees want to see the most in the people for whom they work, including honesty, humility, and fairness.

Forbes: 9 Things A Boss Should Never Say To An Employee
Sound suggestion on how a great manager should keep his or her word and strive to set a good example and develop loyal and engaged employees who truly enjoy their assignments and contribute to the well-being of the organization.

Inc: Keep Your Team Together Through Tough Times
Sensible advice about team-building during rough spots, written by Karl Stark and Bill Stewart, managing directors and co-founders of Avondale, a strategic advisory firm focused on growing companies.

Leadership Freak: Finding Focus: 12 Leadership Focal Points
Dan Rockwell writes about finding the right kind of focus to achieve the results you want (and need.)

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