NorQuest Weekly Round-Up January 17

dreamstimefree 113790 300x208 NorQuest Weekly Round Up January 17Once again, here are what we think are the top five leadership articles from the past week – enjoy!

Bloomberg: Management Is (Still) Not Leadership
A really interesting article from HBR’s John Kotter outlining the differences between leading and managing.

Inc: The Importance of Humility in Sales
Expressing humility makes you more believable when you speak with confidence.

Forbes: Good Leaders Are Invaluable To A Company. Bad Leaders Will Destroy It.
When good leadership is in place in a company, it can be felt throughout the entire organization. On the flipside, bad leadership can also be felt throughout the entire organization. 

Inc.:Never Too Young to Lead
Brent Gleeson pens another Battlefield to Boardroom article, applying Navy SEAL training to business success. Here, he reviews how to prepare the young people for the responsibility to lead.

Fast Company: Self-Improvement Strategies For Becoming A More Authentic Leader
We really enjoyed this thought-provoking article on how being aware of oneself makes one a better leader.

Blog Post Flashback: Do You Support Change?
In the change oriented business world of the 21st century, change is not only a constant – the rate of change is increasing. Just as change is a law of life, so it is in business. Unfortunately, many team leaders and managers are ill prepared to address this changing landscape in the business world.

And, if you missed our Monday post, you can read it here: Goal Setting and Maslow

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