NorQuest Weekly Round-Up February 7

Teamwork NorQuest Weekly Round Up February 7Fast Company: Lessons In Teamwork From The Treacherous Sydney To Hobart Ocean Race
Dennis N.T. Perkins is the author of Into the Storm, a new book about the crew of the AFR Midnight Rambler during the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Race, a 628 nautical mile challenge is often called the “Everest” of offshore ocean racing. But in 1998, conditions were extraordinarily dangerous. This article is an excerpt from the book, and focuses on the exceptional quality of the captain and the exceptional leadership that not only led to a win, but surviving the vicious seas during a brutal storm that resulted in the largest search-and-rescue operation in the history of Australia.

Inc.: Servant First, Leader Second
We love the Battlefield to Boardroom series by Inc.! This is a terrific article about really understanding what servant leadership is and having the humility to practice it.

Forbes: Talent Management’s Perfect Storm
A review of the challenges faced by talent management, and how the author of the post expects 2013 to be the year where these issues are dealt with head-on.

Time Magazine: The New Way to Win Super Bowls: Leadership Lessons of the NFL’s Cutting Edge Coaches
49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh and Ravens Coach John Harbaugh are not just brothers and Super Bowl rivals, but 21st Century leaders who listen to instead of scream at their players, provide support to new players and have both built cultures of trust and teamwork. This article discusses their practices and how to translate it to the business playing field.

HBR Blog: Watching Wise Leaders Deal With Complexity
How top leaders, including the CEOs of Whole Foods and Ford, used  practical wisdom and a noble purpose to turn complexity into an opportunity to bring value to their organizations and the society at large.

Blog Flashback:  Time for You
In this coming year you will have approximately 3000 hours to do with what you wish. How do you want to spend them? You have to decide on what is important to you – and what is not! You must establish your priorities – what is really important to you, and what is less important. What is your vision for 2013, and what do your hope to accomplish?

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