NorQuest Weekly Round-Up August 29

dreamstimefree 113790 300x208 NorQuest Weekly Round Up August 29LeadershipNow: The I in Team
A really astute article about what a winning team is made of – and is full of information that might surprise you. Why Some Companies Lose Their Best People – And Others Don’t
Some great tips about to making your top talent feel appreciated, so they don’t jump ship.

Fast Company: Is Perfectionism Holding You Back?
A really interesting essay on perfectionism – and what actually could be accomplished by just letting go and acting with fear. Read the comments too, some are very insightful!

LeadershipFreak: Mintzberg Rejects Macro-Leadership
This past week, Dan Rockwell has been writing about his conversations with Henry Mintzberg. All were interesting, but this particular post was an insightful discourse on what Mintzberg thought was wrong with management tactics these day, and a strong statement about what to look for in leaders.

Harvard Business Review: It’s More Important to Be Kind than Clever
This post drives home what your staff should be above all else – kind.

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