Do You Have an Elevator Speech?

Elevator Speech Do You Have an Elevator Speech?“What do you do?” This question is probably the most used phase in any social gathering where strangers meetor come together. It is an honest attempt to find something in common – particularly at this time of year with picnics, barbeques and social gatherings!

When asked that question, you have about 30 seconds to establish a connection with the person asking. That is why it is often called “Your Elevator Speech” or “Your Meeting Statement”.

If you can answer this question in a succinct and convincing way that will hold the interest of the questioner, then you will have achieved the possibility of a deeper level of connection with the person who may then become a customer and/or a client. Summing up the unique aspects of your business that excites others, should be a fundamental skill

So the purpose of an elevator speech or defining statement is:Networking Do You Have an Elevator Speech?

  1. To describe what you do – not how you do it – but what you do!
  2. To initiate a meaningful conversation about your business, and
  3. To probe whether this person might become a customer and/or a client

It will, therefore pay big dividends to invest some time and effort into crafting your statement and practising until it becomes second nature!

To start with, in crafting your speech there are several things to remember:

  • First you must use simple language – no big words that might be difficult to understand
  • Then it must be easy to say, and answer a need likely to be felt by the person addressed
  • It must be simple and easy to remember.
  • It must be short – usually 10 – 25 seconds max
  • Your best bet is to develop many speeches (say 30-50) and test  them on your friends and family, then select the very best to use regularly,
  • If your target audiences are different, develop a unique speech for each audience.

Remember that the purpose behind all of this is to excite interest that will lead to further meaningful conversations. So as needs and audiences change, so should your speech be updated to meet changing needs and times. A perfect speech is one that evolves with your business!

Obviously you need to use you speech on a regular basis – whenever you are asked, “What do you do?” Wait for a response, and then follow up with, “Would this be of interest to you?” Remember that the speech is a response to a question asked, not something you initiate!

The major advantage of a good elevator speech is that it provides an opportunity to start a meaningful business relationship. Used appropriately it will bring you an increased number of prospects – either directly or indirectly. And that, of course, means more business.

Professional Development Do You Have an Elevator Speech?

Some other uses for a good elevator speech might include:

  • As an introduction to a discussion or speech
  • It could be used on a website or even on your answering machine
  • Reworked, it could be used as a headline, a brochure, and/or an article
  • Obviously, it could also be used in your advertising
  • The possibilities are endless

As Harvey Mackay has observed, “A great elevator speech can take you all the way to the top”. Investing the time to optimize your elevator speech, or your defining statement, can help you reach you peak potential.

Oh! My elevator speech? One of my favorites is – “I am a senior consultant with Norquest Associates – a company that assists in the growth and development of people, performance and productivity. Is this something you might be interested in?”

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