DiSC® PPSS (Personal Profile Systems Software)

figure with gold key DiSC® PPSS (Personal Profile Systems Software) One of my favorites of all the DiSC® reports is the DiSC® PPSS Online Report, because it provides individuals with detailed personalized information to help them apply DiSC® learning in a variety of personal and business situations. It offers a wide range of practical interpretive reports that can help individuals improve their effectiveness, and assist in their success.

But why do we need such a system at all?

Well, people are different – with their own way of looking at the world, and with their own set of needs, wants and fears. And these differences can cause conflict, unless we have a system for understanding differences, and some well thought out strategies for managing these differences. DiSC® is a simple 4 factor system for understanding human behavior that is based on over 2,000 years of human history. It provides a model of understanding yourself, understanding others, and understanding the expectations of the environment in which we are situated. The value of the DiSC® PPSS is that it focuses on the individual, and provides guidance in increasing his/her effectiveness in the world that surrounds them.DiSCProfile DiSC® PPSS (Personal Profile Systems Software)

DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior Reports provide a non-judgemental language for exploring behavioral issues across the four primary dimensions of the DiSC® spectrum: Dominance,Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

The report provides detailed, personalized information to help individuals, and teams, apply the principles of DiSC® learning immediately. The feedback provided covers a broad range of behavioral characteristics, including behavioral strengths and weaknesses, motivating and demotivating factors, and preferred management and selling styles.

Experts agree that people can significantly improve their personal effectiveness by honestly assessing their behavior,and choosing to select self-management strategies that maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses. DiSC® PPSS points the way!

The completed report is about 15 pages in length and includes the following:

  • A narrative description of your style
  • A description of the potential strengths of your behavioral patterns
  • Factors that influence your behavior
  • Your preferred environment
  • What you tend to avoid
  • Your demotivating factors
  • How you are likely to behave in conflict situations

The final pages in the report are an action planner that will get you thinking about ways to turn the report’s insights into real life applications that will improve your effectiveness..

But there is even more. In addition to the General Characteristics Report, the DiSC® PPSS provides further information to help individuals and teams apply their DiSC® learning through additional reports in the area of management, peer relationships, and sales.

People and organizations around the world have used DiSC® PPSS to improve effectiveness in four main areas: self-awareness and self-ppssgc DiSC® PPSS (Personal Profile Systems Software) management; relationships with peers, and teambuilding; performance coaching and managing others; and customer service and client relationships

In summary, the online DiSC® PPSS report provides individuals, and teams, with detailed personalized information to help them apply DiSC® learning in a variety of business applications. It offers a wide range of practical interpretive reports that help people improve their effectiveness in sales, management and customer service. Now you have the opportunity to join the millions of people who have used DiSC® products worldwide, with an instrument crafted to improve your effectiveness.

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Have you used DiSC® PPSS? What did you find most useful?

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