Ontario’s Ring of Fire

This video looks at the “Ring of Fire” in Northern Ontario including its location, the initial discovery, its tremendous potential for Ontario and Canada, and some of the challenges facing it’s development.

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Far North

This video looks at some of the treasures that abound beneath the surface, in Ontario’s far North. It also looks at some of the problems involved in their extraction

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And What do you do?

The perso2 men greeting And What do you do?n is standing before you, waiting for your response – What do you do?

Will you seize the moment and attempt to establish a meaningful relationship? Or will you answer “off the cuff”; and let the moment slip away?

A common meeting ground these days are the networking meeting where people gather for a meal or a snack and are given one minute to let the others know what you do. Do you have a carefully crafted message, or do you simply speak off the cuff? Michael Eisner (of Disney Studios fame) once observed, “When an idea can’t be articulated simply, crisply and accessibly, there is usually something wrong with it. When I hear a good idea, it has an affect on my mind and body”.

Sometimes the response to this opportunity is referred to as an “elevator speech”, (because it should not take longer than two minutes), or sometimes as a “defining statement”.

The person is standing before you; has asked you a simple question, and is waiting for your response. How you answer that question can have a great influence on your future business relationship with that person!

But how do you do it? What constitutes a defining statement? How do you use it? First it must be conversational, and delivered in an easy relaxed tone. And it must appeal to what people want – what will motivate them. Use simple language so that a larger percentage of the people can relate to the goals and aspirations.

Obviously your speech should be used often, and can be modified according to the results you obtain. The most important thing is to use it as often as possible.

My speech? “I work with people who want to improve their performance and productivity; and with organizations that want their people to grow and perform at their best.”


360 Feedback for More Sales

Feedback on target2 360 Feedback for More SalesPerhaps in no other field is income related more to success than in the sales field. In most cases, the more you sell the more you make; the fewer the sales the less income you receive. Obviously then, the more we can eliminate our weaknesses and strengthen our strengths the more success we can be.

Well timed, relevant, and constructive feedback provides the greatest motivation to change. It is axiomatic that good feedback gives people the information they need to change. Why? Because feedback generates insight and a better understanding of what is currently working and what is not. Thus, given this information we are able to set priorities for our own development. These priorities can be turned into personal development plans; and the result is improved ways of operating that will enhance our sales effectiveness.

In this process one tool is the 360 feedback instrument, or more specifically Everything DiSC® 363™ for LeadersThis instrument for enhanced sales effectiveness:

  • Generates a report of some 22+ pages that is all about the sales leader
  • Is an all-new research-validated model
  • Has intuitive, easy to read visuals and rich cuts of data and feedback breakdowns
  • Includes a comprehensive listing of rater comments
  • Includes three strategies for improving effectiveness

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A New Kind of 360 Feedback

TimeForFeedback A New Kind of 360 FeedbackIt is, I believe, generally agreed that feedback is necessary for any form of performance improvement. In the business world this often takes the form of a 360 Feedback Project in which performance data is sought from other groups on the performance of an individual – usually the person’s manager, direct reports, peers and others.

But one of the key reservations about 360 Feedback is that sometimes respondents feel safe in including “zinger” or malicious comments in their anonymous feedback. This possibility has derailed many 360 projects.

But now Inscape publishing has a new type of 360 degree instrument that has resolved most, if not all, of the problems with previous 360 instruments. The new Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders combines the best of the 360s with the simplicity and power of DiSC, plus three personalized strategies for improving leadership effectiveness. The result is a 360 experience that is much more productive and satisfying.
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Setting and Achieving Your 2013 Goals

Are you having problems coming up with good and substantive goals for 2013? Are you confused by all the options that appear to be available to you? Are you tired of hearing the admonition – “We have all been given gifts, you should resolve to develop yours.”

Yes, we have all been given gifts, but they are all different! And how do you even identify them, yet alone develop them? Well, one of the best tools for this purpose was developed by Albert Humphrey in the latter half of the 20th century. It is called the “SWOT Model”, and is worthwhile reviewing as you ponder your vision for the New Year.

Most people will agree that one of the best formulas for success is to:Steps to Success copy crpd Setting and Achieving Your 2013 Goals

  • Develop a vision that will clarify what you want, and where you wish to go;
  • Then develop a plan that will focus your attention on how you will get there;
  • Then put your plan in action – that will lead to the achievement of your vision.

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Time For You

Time Mastery 2013 Time For YouToday is the last day of 2012; and tomorrow we will begin 2013! And the first thing I want to do is to wish you and yours the very best for 2013!

In this coming year you will have 8,760 hours to spend whatever way you choose. Of that 8760, approximately a third (or 2920 hours) will be spent sleeping. But the balance is yours to do with what you wish. How do you want to spend those approximately 3000 hours?

You have to decide on what is important to you – and what is not! You must establish your priorities – what is really important to you, and what is less important. It is your choice! What is your vision for 2013, and what do your hope to accomplish?
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