And What do you do?

The perso2 men greeting And What do you do?n is standing before you, waiting for your response – What do you do?

Will you seize the moment and attempt to establish a meaningful relationship? Or will you answer “off the cuff”; and let the moment slip away?

A common meeting ground these days are the networking meeting where people gather for a meal or a snack and are given one minute to let the others know what you do. Do you have a carefully crafted message, or do you simply speak off the cuff? Michael Eisner (of Disney Studios fame) once observed, “When an idea can’t be articulated simply, crisply and accessibly, there is usually something wrong with it. When I hear a good idea, it has an affect on my mind and body”.

Sometimes the response to this opportunity is referred to as an “elevator speech”, (because it should not take longer than two minutes), or sometimes as a “defining statement”.

The person is standing before you; has asked you a simple question, and is waiting for your response. How you answer that question can have a great influence on your future business relationship with that person!

But how do you do it? What constitutes a defining statement? How do you use it? First it must be conversational, and delivered in an easy relaxed tone. And it must appeal to what people want – what will motivate them. Use simple language so that a larger percentage of the people can relate to the goals and aspirations.

Obviously your speech should be used often, and can be modified according to the results you obtain. The most important thing is to use it as often as possible.

My speech? “I work with people who want to improve their performance and productivity; and with organizations that want their people to grow and perform at their best.”


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