360 Feedback for More Sales

Feedback on target2 360 Feedback for More SalesPerhaps in no other field is income related more to success than in the sales field. In most cases, the more you sell the more you make; the fewer the sales the less income you receive. Obviously then, the more we can eliminate our weaknesses and strengthen our strengths the more success we can be.

Well timed, relevant, and constructive feedback provides the greatest motivation to change. It is axiomatic that good feedback gives people the information they need to change. Why? Because feedback generates insight and a better understanding of what is currently working and what is not. Thus, given this information we are able to set priorities for our own development. These priorities can be turned into personal development plans; and the result is improved ways of operating that will enhance our sales effectiveness.

In this process one tool is the 360 feedback instrument, or more specifically Everything DiSC® 363™ for LeadersThis instrument for enhanced sales effectiveness:

  • Generates a report of some 22+ pages that is all about the sales leader
  • Is an all-new research-validated model
  • Has intuitive, easy to read visuals and rich cuts of data and feedback breakdowns
  • Includes a comprehensive listing of rater comments
  • Includes three strategies for improving effectiveness

360 feedback diag 300x144 360 Feedback for More Sales

Selecting the raters is an important step in the process. Raters should include

  • The salesperson’s manager
  • Other peer salespersons
  • Clients or customers
  • Any others that are deemed important to the success of the exercise

Following the completion of the exercise, a coaching supplement is available free of charge that will help in explain the report to the salesperson. The salesperson will require some reflective time to develop insights into how he/she can optimize his/her performance;the subject needs to understand the messages of the feedback and to come to grips with the feedback. Then he/she is ready to move forward

In this process it is important that access to coaching be provided. The coach should be available to answer questions, help in the creation of action plans, and in following up to ensure that learning takes place.

The 363 report will help in the coaching process through the identification of strengths and challenges. In this process one should focus on their own strengths, but not overlook gaps that need to be addressed.

Crocodile 360 Feedback for More SalesFeedback exposes you to a wider range of views than you get in your daily routine. It provides you with information that will help you make better decisions. Sometimes you may feel the feedback is wrong – and it may well be. But if one person tells you that you have a green tail, they may be kidding. But if 10 people tell you that you have a green tail, it might be wise to turn around and look!

Every elite athlete has a coach. If you wish to become a champion salesperson, perhaps you should too!

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